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November, 2015 News

TitlePublish Date
ITU Letter of Commendation for Iran Dec 1, 2015
IRAN Designated APSCO 2017 Chairman Dec 1, 2015
New Committees for Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission Nov 29, 2015
Iran Obtains Three Management Positions in Radiocommunication Assembly 2015 Nov 29, 2015
Vaezi Discusses Economic Relations with Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Nov 28, 2015
Vaezi Talks Banking Cooperation with Russian Central Bank President Nov 25, 2015
Iranian ICT Minister Meets Russian Energy Minister Nov 25, 2015
ICT Minister Arrives in Russia Nov 23, 2015
Armenian Economy Minister Wishes for Full-scale Economic Cooperation Nov 23, 2015
ICT Minister Discusses Economic Relations Development with Armenia Nov 23, 2015
Iraqi Markets Ideal for Iranian Private Sector Nov 21, 2015
ICT Minister Meets Iraqi PM Nov 18, 2015
Communication Minister Meets President of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Nov 18, 2015
Iran-Iraq Cooperate to Vindicate Their Rights in International Associations Nov 17, 2015
Communication Ministers of Iran and Iraq Discuss Phone Network Issues of Pilgrims Nov 17, 2015
Dr. Vaezi Heads for Iraq to Facilitate Pilgrim Communication Nov 17, 2015
2016 International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People Nov 17, 2015
Four Commemorative Stamps Published by Iran Post Co. Nov 17, 2015
Iranian, Russian IT Markets Growth and Progress Nov 17, 2015
Increasing Iran-Russia ICT Cooperation Nov 15, 2015
Vaezi Announces Pilot Projects For Joint Cooperation Nov 14, 2015
Iran, Russia Sign Agreement to Broaden Infrastructure Cooperation Nov 14, 2015
Russian Energy Minister Reports of Joint Bank with Iran Nov 14, 2015
iran-Russia Relations: Harbinger of Regional Peace and Harmony Nov 11, 2015
Session of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission:New Economic Development Era, Increased Trade Nov 8, 2015
Russian Energy Minister in Tehran Nov 8, 2015