Increasing Iran-Russia ICT Cooperation

Increasing Iran-Russia ICT Cooperation
The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology has met today with Nikolai Nikiforov, his Russian Counterpart, discussing joint cooperation in the field of ICT.

The Public Relation Center of ICT reports that in this meeting, Dr. Vaezi stated: “Iran-Russia relations in political, security, economic, and ICT sectors are growing, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to discuss any sectors with Russia.”

He referred to the BRICS Summit which is to be held in Moscow, and expressed that: “We intend to continue our discussion and negotiations regarding alleviating monopoly of internet management with Russia and other countries condoning the breaking of this monopoly, and we are going to have good meetings and interactions within the framework of ITU and the WSIS.

Vaezi expressed that holding the BRICS Seminar in Moscow is going to open a new chapter for countries, and included that: “Mid-December is the date when there will be a voting session in UN HQ in New York to decide the fate of internet management monopoly.”

Vaezi further elaborated that: “The number of countries who believe that the internet should not be monopolized is very high and there are also many European countries that back this subject because of what happened in the recent years.”

The Communication Minister emphasized on cooperation in research and development area and continued: “There are annually 200 thousand graduates in ICT sector in Iran, and in many influential countries in the ICT field the top IT managers are Iranians; therefore we can cooperate and benefit from the products of their mind and thought to produce new goods and services.”

He stressed on the importance of data security for all countries and said: “The I.R. of Iran and Russia can benefit from each other’s experiences in this field and increase data security for their citizens.”

 Vaezi referred to the fact that Russian companies have had great success in regard to social networking, and added that: “Iran is looking to strengthen its local social networks.”

He also stressed on the importance of search engines, saying: “In this meeting we come to an agreement with the Russian Communication Minister for the Yandex Search Engine to have an office in Tehran to offer better services to Iranian citizens.”

The ICT Minister also underscored that: “We are also prepared to have bilateral cooperation with Russia regarding Persian language and alphabet through Yooz and Parsijoo search engines.”

Dr. Vaezi asserted that: “Among important topics raised in our discussions, we can mention Internet of Things, Big Data management, 5G mobile networks, and Smart City, where we intend to pursue our bilateral cooperation.”

He concluded by stating that: “Iran and Russia have major interactions regarding Postal services, and we also intend to extend our cooperation to E-Commerce.”

Nov 15, 2015 14:39


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