ICT Minister Meets Iraqi PM

ICT Minister Meets Iraqi PM
The Iranian Communication and Information Technology Minister, in his meeting with Heydar Al-Ebadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, referring to the accomplished arrangements and agreements, reported of the determination and firm decision of the ICT Ministry and the Mobile Network Private Firms in advancing and developing joint cooperation in the field of ICT and direct connection of the networks of two countries, and said: “This week we are engaged in preparing the required infrastructure for better implementation of ‘Arbaeen’ ceremonies and provision of comprehensive communication and internet services.”

 According to Public Relation’s report, in this meeting, Dr. Vaezi expressed his condolences for the commemoration day of Imam Hossein’s Martyrdom and extending the warm greeting of Iranian officials to His Excellency and his colleagues, pointed out the opportunities for cooperation in post services, Post-Bank, e-government, social preservation, network security; including joint cooperation in international associations, referred to signing of a comprehensive document within this framework and announced that: “The ICT Ministry is dedicated to all agreements made and will pursue their implementation, so that the pilgrims of both countries can benefit from the outcomes and achievements of these decisions.”

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi stated the preparedness of the private sector, including the major Iranian operator to participate in Iraq’s fourth operator’s project, elaborated on the outlooks and viewpoints of the I.R. of Iran and its officials in regard to Iraqi nation and government, saying that: “We wish for Iraqi government’s success and intend to help it in every sector so that it is able to implement its tasks and obligations.”

Mentioning the presence of terrorist and extremist and violence-loving groups in the region, he stated that: “The presence and existence of any of these groups in each country, is dangerous and can lead to regional instability.”

Dr. Vaezi welcomed the recent advancements of the Iraqi army against ISIS, expressing hope that these victories will go on and countries will be in a position to solve regional issues and crisis with wisdom and intelligence, especially the terrible and unfortunate case of Yemen.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister, in his turn welcomed the communication and technological cooperation and the mutual benefiting of both nations, stating that: “These efforts, especially the provision of suitable and appropriate services to pilgrims of both countries is highly appreciated, and God-willing, the lost opportunities and drawbacks of the foreign occupation period of Iraq shall be compensated with the help of Iran.”

He commended Iran’s help in fighting ISIS which is threatening the peace and harmony of the region and has already involved many regional countries, adding that: “Iraq has been relatively successful in controlling terrorism and currently through efforts of the army and the Iraqis mobilization, the ISIS threat has decreased to a great extent.”

The Prime Minister of Iraq emphasized on the sovereignty of the Iraqi state, and included that: “Finding a solution to Syrian crisis is not possible without Iran’s role and presence, and Iraq also supports fighting ISIS and establishment of peace in Syria.”

He underscored that: “The Iraqi government in general, with the active presence of all Kurdish, Sunni and Shia groups, is united in fighting to remove ISIS from the face of the earth.”

He asked the ICT Minister to convey his warmest greetings for the Iranian officials, wishing success for the I.R. of Iran in all economic, political, and social levels.

Dr. Vaezi, in his turn asked for the support of the Iraqi Prime Minister regarding communication cooperation, issuing the order to find a solution for signal interference in border regions of both countries which causes difficulties for the local residents, and thanked the positive viewpoints and the firm determination of Iraqi government for development of bilateral relations.”

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