Mobile Company/MCI

This company has been established by expanding and separating mobile unit from T.C.I.
According to the Act of the Management & Planning Organization, Mobile Company"s duties are as following:
•    Preparing & codifying the great plans in the field of Mobile"s network according to the requirements, needs, standards and criteria,
•    Marketing, establishing, improvement, implementation, maintenance & exploiting  and also supervision and managing the mobile network according to the national & international standards,
•    Preparing and passing the instructions, rules and criteria, professional and technical standards for the company in order to establishment, development, exploitation and maintenance of mobile"s network,
•     Cooperation with the other operators in order to exchanging communication and traffic transition, roaming  and using the other common resources,
•    Membership in the national & international professional associations and institutions and also participating to the related conferences in order to communicate mobile"s specialized data,
•    Management , planning and implementation of  professional training in order to develop the necessary skills,
•    Doing any activities related to the Company"s aims,
•    Creating the required opportunities to apply the controlling policies for the mobile network by the related authorities such as C.R.A and T.C.I,
•    Offering the necessary services to the customers by considering the commercial limitations and  customer"s rights.
•    Protecting the network"s security and customer"s rights in the frame of related laws and regulations.