1.    Duties of Evaluation:
1.1.    Participating to prepare and codify the special indicators and evaluation criterions for operation of affiliated organizations and executive entities,
1.2.    Implementing the evaluation instructions and completing the related forms and preparing the required documentaries,
1.3.    Recording the completed forms and documentaries and giving them to the Administrative Reform Council or Commission (ARC),
1.4.    Cooperating with ARC due to define and confirm the work points,
1.5.    Investigating the completed forms and confirming them actually by ARC,
1.6.    Following up and implementing the evaluation of public affiliated organizations and executive entities and giving analytic reports to President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control in due date,
1.7.    controlling the implementation of evaluation programs for operation of public affiliated organizations and executive entities in a good manner and analyzing them to give required suggestions,
1.8.    Doing required study and investigation about evaluating the operation and indicators in executive entities and giving required suggestions,
1.9.    Doing the other affairs in the frame of evaluation programs in organizations referred from President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control,
1.10.    Gathering the completed forms from the managers and responsible of related organizations and sending them to the related authorities for approving.

2.    Duties of Inspection:
2.1.    Gathering the continuum, periodical or case by case programs of inspection from the national and provincial entities due to evaluate "compatibility of the operations" of enterprises with the goals, plans, instructions, regulations and indicators defined by the organization,
2.2.    Controlling the managers" and employees" operations as well as evaluating the public satisfaction and clients from different units,
2.3.    Reporting monthly, every 3,6, and 9 month and annually to the Minister and executive managers of the organizations about the different units operation,
2.4.    Communicating with General Inspection Organization (GIO) and performing of the duties due to the law,
2.5.    Analyzing the operation of units, employees, and managers according to the inspections,  
2.6.     Finding the corruptions by hidden or explicit inspections and reporting required ones to the executive managers,
2.7.    Training and promoting the inspectors continually,
2.8.    Presenting public satisfaction of the managers" and employees" operation to the Administrative Affairs to be effective in their employment situation in the frame of regulations,

3.    Duties of Complaint Investigation
3.1.    Taking the public complaints from the related units,
3.2.    Studying the subjects and following up till getting a result due to respond to the complainant,
3.3.    Responding to the inspector and investigator entities such as the Presidency and GIO,
3.4.    Following up and taking the opinions of the related professional units about the received subjects due to respond to the complainant,
3.5.    Gathering the complaints in a 3-month period and analyzing their causes and reporting to the executive manager of the organization as well as President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control to decrease the public complaints,
3.6.    following up the reports,
3.7.    Responding to the complainant.