Secretariat of IT High Council :

•    Planning in order to implement the duties and missions of the Council,
•    Monitoring the implementation of ratifications in a good manner in cooperation with the related units,
•    Scheduling the meetings,
•    Informing the representatives to participate in the professional IT meetings due to the request of different parts (public or private) such as cultural, social, and economical,
•    Cooperating with deputy of IT to regulate the ratifications of the Council in order to impart to the related executive organizations under the sign of secretariat,
•     Preparing agendas, talks as well as regulating and imparting the minutes and ratifications of the Council and follow up them,
•    Preparing the periodical reports about the Council"s and Secretariat activities to the Head of the Council, Deputy Strategic Planning and Control and the other related organizations by the Secretariat,
•    Public and professional information about the Council"s activities,
•    Making the required coordination due to making correct relations between the Council and executive organizations as well as the other related units and inviting them to implement the ratifications in a good manner.