Iran Telecommunication Research Center

Iran Telecommunication Research Center - ITRC, as the most experienced research entity in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field, with more than 39 years of scientific experience in research and acting as mother consultant to the Ministry of ICT, is the main ICT research base of the country. ITRC boasts highly experienced researchers who are skilled in different ICT fields and possesses advanced research facilities as well as dedicated laboratories that enable research teams to conduct their studies and carry out experiments.
ITRC started officially to work after signing a MoU between Iran and Japan. After the glorious Revolution, management of Iran Telecommunication Research Center has been delegated to the ministry of P.T.T (ICT) by the Act of the High Council of Cultural Revolution. It was activated widely as a research and consultant arm of the ministry.
All of the structure and activities of this center was reviewed according to the self-sufficiency and independency beliefs in technical fields. So the leaders of the center gave priority to research and development especially in the field of telecommunication usage technology.
ITRC promoted to the faculty in 1997and worked as a college by adding 3 other faculties in 2005.
Now the center as mother consultant categorized under the following broad faculties:
    Information Technology
    Communication Technology
    ICT Security
    Strategic and Economical Studies