Communication Ministers of Iran and Iraq Discuss Phone Network Issues of Pilgrims

Communication Ministers of Iran and Iraq Discuss Phone Network Issues of Pilgrims
The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology, currently on official visit to Iraq to facilitate ‘Arbaeen’ pilgrims’ mobile phone communications, visited his Iraqi counterpart, accompanied by Iranian mobile network operators.

 According to the Ministry’s Public Relations center, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the ICT Minister, heading a delegation of ministry officials and mobile network operator managers (Hamrah Aval, Irancell, Rightel), met this morning with Hassan Al-Rashed, the Iraqi Communications Minister.

In this meeting both parties, while honoring the memory of Arbaeen martyrs, discussed and negotiated mutual cooperation development in the fields of communication and technology between two countries at all levels.

During this meeting, in light of technical negotiations which took place one day before among experts and specialists of both parties in regard to increasing bandwidth and establishing direct connection between the networks of two countries, the delegates focused on topics such as creating increasing facilities for phone and internet services in the Iranian pilgrimage season of the holy shrines in Iraq, especially during the days of Arbaeen ceremonies, which is highly coveted by all Shia believers around the globe, particularly Iranian pilgrims.

It should be mentioned that in consideration of the experience gained from the shortcomings of the previous year during this epic gathering, both parties agreed to provide the maximum possible services and facilities.

Also, during this meeting, emphasis was made on the necessity of developing the technical and economic capacities and potentials of both countries through exchange of such experiences and technology transfer between two nations.

In addition to these topics and based on extremely close and friendly relations between two countries, it was decided that the existing level of cooperation in the areas of ICT, telecommunications, Post, and Post-Bank will be raised so that this volume of cooperation will provide more extensive benefits and services for the people of both nations, directly resulting in increasing number of citizens of both countries attending pilgrimage of the holy shrines in Iran and Iraq.

Both parties also emphasized on the importance of the positive role and active presence of private firms and companies in the ICT sector.

At the conclusion, both parties, while expressing their readiness for cooperation development within the framework of a new MOU, reviewed the outcomes and achievements of the last year’s visit by the Iraqi minister, and emphasized on acceleration of the previous agreements.

Nov 17, 2015 10:19


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