Public Relation

1.    Gathering the news and information related to the ministry of ICT and affiliated companies, institutes and organizations monthly and summarizing them for relevant authorities and President Deputy Strategic Control,
2.    Preparing advertisements and publications and implementing them after approving,
3.    Scheduling for national and religious celebrations, opening ceremonies of projects and establishing exhibitions,
4.    Coordinating between public relations of affiliated companies, institutions and organizations,
5.    Scheduling the meetings of the minister and deputies with staffs by coordination with ministerial office,
6.    Scheduling media interview by the minister and other officials by coordination with ministerial office,
7.    Issuing the technical and scientific publications after approving by relevant units,
8.    Preparing the necessary facilities for visiting the ministry"s activities,
9.    Scheduling the meetings, congresses, ceremonies and entertain the internal and external visitors and regulating congratulation and condolence messages for different occasions,
10.    Leading the clients for inquired information about different sections of the ministry and affiliated companies, institutes and organizations,
11.    Issuing the employment, tender, auction notices and other announcements in newspapers and press related to the criteria,
12.    Responding to the questions and complains in the field of ICT posed by people and other organizations through media and press,
13.    Evaluating public viewpoints and making policy for publications and information plans by using them,
14.    Publishing the performance bulletin annually and five-year plans,
15.    Offering the performance reports to the supreme minister monthly,
16.    Launching and leading the ministry"s portal (Persian and English),
17.    Launching and leading CITNA,
18.    Archiving video and image reports from different ceremonies,
19.    Designing multi media in different occasion.