iran-Russia Relations: Harbinger of Regional Peace and Harmony

iran-Russia Relations: Harbinger of Regional Peace and Harmony
Dr. Vaezi, in his meeting with the visiting Russian delegation, asked for an increase in economic and commercial trade volume, expressing that: “Iran’s relations with neighboring nations, especially Russia, brings peace and stability to the region.”

According to Ministry’s Public Relation Center, Dr. Vaezi, as the chairman of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission, stated in a meeting with the Russian Energy Minister that: “Iran-Russia’s relations has a historical background, enjoying numerous historical, social and cultural common grounds, which in turn strengthens the existing relations.”

The ICT Minister included that: “The 11th government has set a unique priority for relations with neighboring countries, since in less than two years, the presidents of Iran and Russia have met for 5 times which clearly shows the existing good international relations.”

Dr. Vaezi emphasized that: “In the international arena, after the agreements in nuclear negotiations and even before that, it was clearly shown that in this special case there had been a great amount of cooperation between two countries and it is our top agenda that this cooperation continues both in nuclear issue and also in other topics.”

Head of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia stated that: “Close cooperation between Iran and Russia results in more tranquility and harmony for the people of the region, therefore regional talks and negotiations must continue.”

Dr. Vaezi added that: “There are very good opportunities for economic and commercial cooperation between two countries, and there were projects before which had been successfully implemented; in the new conditions we are not satisfied with the current trade volume in our relations and we are asking for the trades volume to exceed the sum of 1 Billion dollars.”

Dr. Vaezi thanked the Russian delegation, expressing that: “The presence of the Russian delegation in various sectors show that we can work on oil, water, gas and other projects, and the Iranian delegation is also prepared to negotiate between two countries in different fields.”

Dr. Vaezi concluded by referring to other meetings and talks of the Russian delegation, explaining that: “In addition to the other meetings of the Russian delegation, they will also meet other members of the cabinet, and these meetings shall open a new era in the economics of both countries, which hopefully shall satisfy the expectations of the people and the governments of both nations.”

Nov 11, 2015 11:19


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