Stamp Council

Stamp Council has been established according to the Cabinet Council"s Act No. 16542 dated 31/7/1983 regarding to policy make for planning to study and approve all matters related to publishing current and memorial postal stamps.

Duties of the Stamp Council

•    Studying the offers related to stamp publication in current October for next year and determining the different occasions for printing and publication the memorial stamps regarding to the inserted policies in articles 2 & 3,

•    Studying and approving archetypes which are presented to the council based on the list of chosen occasions,

•    Identifying the specifications of current and memorial stamps (such as cut, circulation & value),

•    Studying and approving necessary programs for quality improvement and distribution of stamps (specially by international acquaintance with the status of designing, printing and publication of stamps),
•    Propaganda policy making for introducing the published stamps through the mass media and other means,
•    Holding the domestic and international competitions to design the desired cases,
•    Studying and approving  the contents of the brochures related to the introduction of the published stamps, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and offered to the council,
•    Determining the appropriate fees to the designer of the elected archetypes.