2016 International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

2016 International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People
The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has announced the participation conditions for the 45th International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People.

  According to Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, the UPU holds these international competitions annually for young people to increase awareness regarding the importance of postal services in society and to promote the letter-writing and communicating culture; and each year UPU announces a specific theme for this competition.

Mr. Torabi, General Manager of the Public Relation department of Iran Post Co. stated in this regard that: “This year’s competition theme is "Write a letter to your 45-year-old self."

He referred to the fact that the Iranian Post company, as a member of the Universal Postal Union, actively participates in this cultural event, saying that: “This Company, alongside other post departments around the globe, has always labored to encourage youngsters to participate in this competition, trying to familiarize them with the importance of postal services in society, and also effectively promote the culture of letter-writing.”

In regard to the rules and conditions for the participants entering this competition, Torabi stated that: “Based on UPU’s announcement, young people all around the world, up to the age of 15, can participate in this competition and benefit from its valuable prizes.”

He included that: “The letters sent for this competition must take care to observe all the basic rules of letter-writing such as having a sender and receiver address and the author’s name and signature; the letter itself should not exceed 800 words, and participants should forward a copy of their letter accompanied by a digital picture of themselves in Jpeg format and minimum quality of 300dpi to the competitions secretariat at the following address:

Public Relations Department, 3d floor

Central Building of Post Co., No. 267

Zip-code 15146-17111,

Beheshti Ave., Next to Moddares Highway,



Mr. Torabi announced February 10, 2016 as the deadline for participating in this letter-writing competition, stating that: “The Iranian Post Company will choose the best letter internally and then, will send it to the offices of the UPU to participate in the final event.”

For more info, please refer to www.post.ir

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