Vaezi Announces Pilot Projects For Joint Cooperation

Vaezi Announces Pilot Projects For Joint Cooperation
During the second round of Joint Economic Commission’s negotiations between Iran and Russia, which took place in presence of the Ministers of both parties, and resulted in signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement, Dr. Vaezi stated that: “The capacity of cooperation between our two countries is way beyond what we were projecting.”

  The ICT Ministry’s Public Relation reports that during the second session of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission attended by Iranian and Russian delegations, Dr. Vaezi, as the Chairman of the commission, said that: “The Russian delegation has clearly shown that the capacity for bilateral cooperation was far beyond our estimates.”

He added: “A major achievement of these negotiations was the summarization of all previous mutual projects; then two pilot projects were chosen for implementation: Electrification of ‘Garmsar – Inche Boron’ Railway, and increasing the thermal power of Iran’s Power-plants.

Head of Iran-Russia Economic Commission stated that the Joint Projects of the two countries amount to an estimated $25-$30 Billion, adding that: “The proper conditions for organizing a financial package have become available during this trip.”

Referring to the $5 Billion finance made available by the Russian Minister of Finance, Vaezi included: “The negotiations of the Russian side with the President of Iran’s Central Bank will result in establishment and development of agency relationship between the parties.”

Dr. Vaezi also highlighted the cooperation and membership in Eurasia Bank and the negotiations for establishment of a joint Iranian-Russian bank, as other outcomes of the negotiations between the Russian side and the President of Iran’s Central Bank, saying: “We have already decided to dispatch a joint delegation with our Ministry of Finance to Russia in near future.”

The ICT Minister referred to the drafted agreement in seven chapters, saying: “This agreement has been devised for various sectors such as oil, gas, power, transportation, communication and information technology, banking and financial operations, and some others.”

Dr. Vaezi concluded by expressing hope that the delegation which is going to visit Moscow will be able to finalize the issue of financial cooperation soon, and said: “To initiate the visit of this delegation, we are waiting for the Russian side to propose a date.”

Nov 14, 2015 12:00


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