Communication Minister Meets President of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq

Communication Minister Meets President of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
The Minister of Communication and information Technology, on a short visit to Iraq to provide more facilities for ‘Arbaeen’ pilgrims, has met with Ammar Al-Hakim, the President of Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

 The ICT’s PR department reports that in this meeting, Dr. Vaezi emphasized on the necessity of further developing bilateral relations in all political, economic, military and security levels and areas, adding that: “Based on numerous cultural, religious, and historical background held in common by both nations, and the passion and love of Iranian people for the Holy Shrines and the immediate family and descendants of the Holy Prophet, these capitals count as support and instrument for further development and growth of bilateral relations between two countries.”

The ICT Minister continued by referring to the crimes committed by Takfiri and ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria, emphasizing those activities as a threat not only for these two countries but also a source of instability and insecurity in the whole region and the Islamic world; and expressing his sorrow over the support provided for these groups by some countries in the region or abroad, called for cooperation and closeness of all countries who seriously wish to fight against terrorism.

Dr. Vaezi also pointed out his agenda on this trip for further advancement of the communication relations of both countries in the ict sector, referring to the direct connection of communication networks of both countries and provision of more facilities for pilgrims of both countries during the days of Arbaeen.

In this meeting, the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq commended the material and spiritual efforts and support of the people, the government and the system of the I.R. of Iran in establishment of peace and stability, especially the reconstruction of Iraq, expressing gratitude for Iran’s role and position in finding solutions for regional issues.

Nov 18, 2015 09:06


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