Post Bank Iran

After discussing about postal drafts in UPU (1874), and pervasive concerning to save money in all over the societies, especially in the countries such as England, Germany, Austria, and Japan, a new system named Post Bank was exposed in UPU. In the European countries this new based system caused a new look in the aims and structure of the financial services. So a new independent juridical person named Post Bank began its work with the same titles.
According to the last statistics in 1994, more than 90% of countries who are member of UPU both developed and developing have a service named financial post. Most of them supply this service in the system of Post Bank.
The proposal of developing financial post and services by the Post Company"s abilities was offered to the Cabinet by the Ministry of P.T.T in March of 1984. According to an Act in November of 1989 the Ministry was bound over establishing new financial post services. This needed to arrange the legal preliminary (Postal drafts), prepare the regulation and cooperate with the Central Bank.
According to this act the Ministry of P.T.T was able to establish the financial post at the first step for money transfer parallel with the bank system of the country and in the next steps for collecting the idle capital in the postal saving system. Finally in 1995 Post Bank Iran has been established and the financial post services were separated from Post Company of I.R.I and transferred to Post Bank Iran.