Payam Aviation Services Company

Establishing Payam Aviation Services Company is due to the continuously and increasingly transportation needs of the affiliated companies of ministry of  ICT. Problems such as the limitation of Merhabad international airport for accepting the air traffic and lack of the ramp space and also appropriated services that"s faced airline companies in the country with some difficulties have been caused the initial studying and offering instructive reports to the Cabinet. After announcing agreements the construction plans for Payam Aviation Services Company had been practical. The Airport building project had been passed in the frame of "Air Services Center" in December of 1980 and initial costs of its research and construction had been provided by saving funds of the ministry of ICT.
After construction of 2 (Km)s of flight band and installation of necessary equipments, the airport had been operated and inaugurated by the president of that period in March of 1992. By activating the airport in 1993, it had been known as the air border by the Cabinet"s Act and also the activities of aircrafts and helicopters had been expanded so a navy had been formed including 3 helicopters and 5 specialized two engines EMB-110 aircrafts and also several rental aircrafts.
Preliminaries for establishing Payam Aviation Services Company (Ltd.) had been prepared legally and officially during the necessary processes and finally had been activated officially in March of 1997.
Duties of Payam Aviation Services Company are in 3 parts generally:
•    Constructing and expanding the airport and air services,
•    Expanding the air transportation"s activities (post and goods),
•    Developing economic regions.