Duties and Responsibilities of the Organization:

•    Issuance of license for activities and exploitation for any telecommunication and postal services,
•    Approving the standards, criterions and quality control systems and approving types of equipments (type approval) for offering the services and also development and exploitation of national telecommunication, postal and IT networks,
•    Codifying and offering the proposal  in order to determine the impermissible postal and telecommunication activities and exploitation, determining the fine for each cases and applying that in the frame of rules and regulations after the legal process,
•    Preparing and codifying regulations , tables of tariffs and rates for all services in different parts of ICT, determining it"s maximum and minimum to ensure the healthy of the competition and also continuance offering the services and increasing its qualities for approving by the commission in the frame of rules & regulations,
•    Catching patent fees for issuance of licenses, cost of using the frequency, redress and other funds that will approve according to the related rules and regulations and then settle to the treasury,
•    Controlling the operations of licentiates in the frame of the issued license"s  contents and investigating the defaults and convince them to do their duties and obligations by notifying or canceling the concessions and exploitation licenses temporary or permanently,
•    Codifying and offering the security instruction and criterions to the mutual connection between computers and telecommunication networks, safety of the connections and its tariffs to the commission and controlling their implementation,
•    Codifying and offering the instructions to the regulatory commission and implementing the Acts as following:
1.    The framework of agreements for the level of services in order to clarify their qualities in comparison with their costs in postal, telecommunication and IT networks,
2.    Domain nomination, determine the numbers and codes in postal, telecommunication and IT networks,
3.    supporting the customer rights in postal and telecommunication services and continuous controlling for its correct implementation,
4.    Codifying and offering the instructions for making relationship between providers of telecommunication and postal services,
5.    Offering the proposals for improvement  of postal, telecommunication and IT rules,
•    Doing all of the duties and responsibilities of the ministry of ICT, epenthetic in the law of using the private and nonprofessional wirelesses, approved in 1966, and its further amendment and also all related international obligations that I.R.Iran has to observe them according to the law,
•    Doing research affairs, offering the related professional trainings, and public information about the permitted radio communications, by using the abilities of public & private sectors,
•    Supporting industries owners, associations & unions of the providers of telecommunication and communication services, leading them for reducing the organization"s executive affairs,
•    Regulating national frequency space and supervising it continuously,
•    Management of liberalization and privatization of postal and telecommunication sectors.