Statute of the coordination council of public relations Ministry of ICT and Affiliated Companies

The coordination council of public relations in the ministry of ICT has been established accordance of the supreme Minister"s order for providing a suitable area to exchange the information and knowledge, promote the quality of public relations in the subset of Ministry, making an extensive and comprehensive coordination between their activities and also setting their programs.
Article1. Members of the council are:
General Directors of public relations of Post, TCI, Post bank, TIC, MCI, IT, TCT, responsible of public relations of Tehran Post Company, Telecom Applied and Scientific College, managers of public relations of ISA, CRA, Payam Aviation Services Company, ITRC and also representatives of Communication Museum and Payam Sport Club.
Article2. Head of the council is General Director of Public Relations Office of Ministry.
Atricle3. The coordination council of public relations in the ministry of ICT has 4 professional committees:
1.    Committee for developing human resources,
2.    Committee for E-public relations,
3.    Committee for publishing and advertising,
4.    Committee for media affairs.
Article4.Aims of the council:
•    Making coordination and harmony between the activities of public relations,
•    Making the field of consultation and participation and using the abilities and capacities of public relations,
•    Clarification and representation the real position of public relations,
•    Promoting the efficiency of public relations of the companies in order to strengthen the relationship between the government and people and also helping to achieve the development aims of the ministry and country by inviting to cooperate and making an appropriate culture,
Article5. Duties of the council:
•    Preparing, regulating and clarifying the public relations policies to offer the deputies council for approving and codifying due to the approved policies,
•    Making policy, unity and planning for information polls and public relations,
•    Making policy and controlling the advertisements,
•    Making policy and controlling the publications and periodicals,
•    Coordination for opening the projects,
•    Coordination to held domestic and foreign exhibition,
•    Arrangement the training programs and held professional seminars about public relations,
•    Launching and leading the ministry"s portal,
•    Implementation of common programs in different occasions due to make a mutual cooperation with the other organizations,
•    Studying the problems of public relations and making effort for solving them,
•    Studying the structure of public relations and their human resources and also clarifying proposals for necessary reformations,
•    Evaluation the operations of public relations and glorify the best selected of them,
•    Studying and approving offered proposals to the council,
•    Making policy an planning about internal communications,
•    Monitoring the talks and high level seminars of news in the affiliated companies and organizations.
                 Article6. The meetings held once in a month at least, under the control of the Head.
Article7. The council"s programs based on the approved policies in the council of deputies will be indispensable for all of the managers of affiliated companies, organizations and centers.