Telecommunication Company of Iran /TCI

Due to the importance of telecommunication in the different aspects of human life, Islamic Republic of Iran has made so many efforts in the field of developing and equipping the telecommunication network. In the recent years, TCI as the responsible for the telecommunication network of the country has established the newest telecommunication technologies like fiber optic digital switch, mobile, information networks, satellite services, and also special phone services. More than 80% of needed equipments of the communication network in the country have been manufactured by this company, too. Iran is one of 5 countries which have had more than 20% growth and the most development in telecommunication during the recent years.
TCI not only concerns to develop and equip the telecommunication network in the country but also due to the practical experiences in all over the aspects and using the varied technologies in different part of telecommunication, is activated in exporting the engineering services.
In the field of human resource training, the train center of Telecommunication Company and the Faculty are able to increase the training level significantly by concerning to the new way of trains recommended by ITU and using the advanced facilities. These different training levels have been offered in short or long terms.