ICT Minister Discusses Economic Relations Development with Armenia

ICT Minister Discusses Economic Relations Development with Armenia
The Iranian Communication and Information Technology Minister, welcomed his meeting with the Economic Minister of Armenia, and said: “Both countries have similar views in taking their economic cooperation to new levels.”

According to ICT’s PR department, during this meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to his chairmanship of the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission, saying: “Armenia is among the Eurasia Union countries and we are interested in its capacities regarding goods export to Russian markets and the markets of other Eurasia member countries.”

The ICT Minister emphasized that: “Since the customs tariff for Iranian products entering Russia and Eurasia member countries is higher than 20 percent, which makes competition very difficult for the private sector, we are already negotiating with both Armenia and Russia in this regard.”

Vaezi reported of a major delegation of private sector businessmen accompanying the Armenian Economic Minister, expressing that: “Since Armenia’s Deputy-Minister of Communication was also among the members of this delegation, general topics regarding mutual relations covering internet, telecommunication, post services, cooperation in R&D, and activating the private sectors of both countries in the field of ICT were discussed and negotiated, and it was decided to that these negotiations shall continue tomorrow by both deputy ministers.”

Dr. Vaezi recalled his trip to Russia accompanied by a large delegation of public and private representatives, and referred to his objectives for the extensive marketing of Iranian products, saying: “Russia’s market is a huge one, which considering Iran’s strategic location, it has the potential to become a part of Iran’s export market.”


Nov 23, 2015 12:26


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