Four Commemorative Stamps Published by Iran Post Co.

Four Commemorative Stamps Published by Iran Post Co.
The Iranian Post Company has published and issued 4 new commemoration stamps to help promote the stamp culture.

 According to the Ministry’s Public Relation center, to commemorate ‘Telecommunication and Information Society Day’, the Iranian Post Company has issued a series of commemoration stamps based on the decree of the Stamp Council; the new stamps’ dimensions are 32 by 44 mm, with a circulation of 200 thousand series and a price tag of 9000 Rials each; the themes of the stamps consist of famous landmarks of great cities of the world and also telecommunication satellite.”

Based on a report from Post Company, the ‘Telecommunication Day’ stamp has been designed by Ms. Taheri and Mr. Saraf-Zadegan, with the help of computer design technics.

Based on the same report, the other commemoration stamp portrays ‘Samarkand Observatory’.

This stamp has been issued to familiarize Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization for world nations, and it has been accomplished through cooperation between Post Company and the Committee of Iranian and Islamic Culture and Civilization.

The ‘Samarkand Observatory’ commemoration stamp has been designed by Mr. Dibafard, using images from the actual building of this observatory, which is one of the most famous observatories of the Islamic World and also an image from the book of ZIJ written by Giyaseldin Kashani, one of the brightest Iranian scientists and astronomers; the actual stamps have been printed in 32 by 44mm format, side by side in a single mini-sheet, with a circulation of 200 thousand and priced at 12 thousand Rials per sheet.

This report includes that, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Tehran University, the Iranian Post company has issued a commemoration stamp in form of four piece mini-sheet each 32 by 44mm dimension, a price tag of 24 thousand Rials for each series and a circulation of 200 thousand; using images from The Chahar-Bagh School in Isfahan, Darol-Fonoon School in Tehran, Jondi-Shapoor University in Ahvaz, and the Logo of Tehran University; this stamp has been designed by Mr. Saraf-Zadegan using graphic design technics.

Another new commemoration stamp is a four piece mini-sheet stamp with a dimension of 32 by 44 mm, a circulation of 200 thousand, and a price of 36 thousand Rials for each series, which celebrate Milan Expo 2015. In designing this series, Ms. Mousavi has a theme based on the exhibition’s moto, and images from Saffron Flower, a view of Iran’s pavilion in the exhibition, and Iranian carpets.

It should be mentioned that this new stamp was officially unveiled in Iran’s pavilion in the Expo, in presence of the Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Commerce, the Expo officials, and the representative of Iranian Post Co.

Interested parties can obtain these new series at their nearest Post Offices, and they can also use the Stamp Subscription Service being offered by post offices.

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