Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC)

The goals of establishing this company is: management, arrangement, establishment, development, providing, supervision, maintenance, and exploitation of the national telecommunication infrastructure network (TIN) and added value services.
These goals are realized in the frame of the approved projects and plans by using the latest technologies and TCI"s executing role for supervising, approving the national strategic plans and codifying the standards under the board of director"s control.
TIN is including the collection of telecommunication systems such as local and international microwave centers, the main fiber optic network, telecommunication satellite ground station related to the infrastructure, long distance (sc,pc) and international switch center (ISC). So this company is responsible for obtaining the transfer and entrance capacity, international and local traffics needed for subscribers and different network operators both public and private sectors.
Due to access these goals, TIC have to do the following:
•    Preparing and codifying the strategic plans for TIN due to requirements, necessities, standards, and criterions,
•     Marketing, establishing, developing, improving, implementation, maintenance and exploitation as well as supervising and managing TIN due to the national and international standards,
•    Preparing and approving the needed technical instructions, criterions, and standards for establishing, developing, maintenance and exploitation of TIN,
•    Providing all of the TIN needs for the applicants such as public, private or mutual companies with eligible and comparable quality according to the criterions and regulations,
•    Cooperation with the other international telecommunication operators for communicating and international traffic transit,
•    Membership of national and international professional institutes and associations as well as participating in the related conferences for communicating in TIN,
•    Managing, planning and implementing the professional training for skills development,
•    Preparing and implementing the path finder and simultaneity plans in national telecommunication networks,
•    Doing whatever related to the company"s goals.