Iranian, Russian IT Markets Growth and Progress

Iranian, Russian IT Markets Growth and Progress
The Russian Communication Minister, in his meeting with Dr. Vaezi, his Iranian counterpart, emphasized on the development and growth of the two countries markets in the IT sector and the necessity for data security.

According to the Ministry’s Public Relation, Nikolai Nikiforov, the Russian Communication Minister, said that: “I am confident that this meeting and the discussion of these topics will help broaden our bilateral relations and I am very optimistic about these subjects becoming operational.”

He addressed Dr. Vaezi, saying: “I congratulate your appointment as the head of the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission, and I hope this appointment will result in further growth and progress of our commercial relations.”

Stating that each year we meet on a number of different conferences and international seminars, he continued: “Just a day ago, in BRICS seminar, countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa emphasized on breaking down the internet monopoly.”

Pointing out that more than 40 percent of all countries are the member states of BRICS conference, he included: “Iran can also join the internet management anti-monopoly movement.”

He referred to the fact that BRICS member nations are against the language of sanctions, saying: “The monopoly on internet management creates an environment for corruption.”

Nikolai Nikiforov further elaborated in regard to Yandex search engine, adding that: “We can begin our bilateral cooperation in this regard by helping the operations of Yandex through establishment of a representative office in Iran and also data centers.”

He emphasized on market balance, and the avoidance of any misuse by the countries in charge of search engines, saying: “It is necessity for us to open our markets to each other in the IT sector and join hands for safeguarding global data security.”

The Russian Communication Minister stressed on the principle of respecting history, culture, and the national and religious regulations of any country, adding that: “We are fully prepared to offer our most advanced Russian-designed systems to Iran and all these programs shall be realized through full conformity with national regulations of both countries.”

He further emphasized on exporting the joint products of ICT sector, including that: “We are ready for bilateral cooperation in regard to academic and research activities.”

The Russian Communication Minister pointed out the priority of infrastructure activities in the ICT sector and Postal connections between Iran and Russia, saying: “Without the full backing of Iranian and Russian governments none of these plans and projects will become operational, and it is our intention to find a reliable Iranian partner in ICT industry for bilateral cooperation.”

He concluded by emphasizing that: “If the presence of Yandex and the subject of collaborating with an Iranian partner are realized, it is the users who shall be the final winners of this agreement.”

Nov 17, 2015 09:42


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