New Committees for Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission

New Committees for Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission
The 12th session of Iran-Russia’s Joint Economic Commission, chaired by Mahmoud Vaezi, was held establishing a series of committees labeled, Energy Committee, Transportation and Communication Committee, Agriculture Committee, Investment Committee, and the Industry and Mines Committee.

 According to ICT Ministry’s Public Relation center, the 12th session of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission was held in Moscow, co-chaired by Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian Communication and Information Technology Minister, and Alexander Novak, the Russian Minister of Energy.

In this meeting, held in presence of the heads of the Joint Commission, the parties expressed their viewpoints regarding development of commercial and economic relations between two countries.

Mahmoud Vaezi, underscored the MOU of the 12th Joint Commission in this meeting, pointing out its valuable content and included: “This MOU includes the roadmap of Iran-Russia cooperation for the next economic year, which can help improve the growth and development of bilateral cooperation.”

He further elaborated by saying: “One of the major characteristics of this session is the strong presence of the private sector and various chambers of commerce of both countries, where the plans for exchanging delegations and documents were on both sides’ agenda.”

The ICT Minister emphasized that: “The imminent visit of Russia’s President has boosted up the importance of this cooperation; and Iran-Russia’s relationship should be arranged in such a manner that no political changes or changing of governments could harm its positive trend.”

Vaezi highlighted the importance of continuing both countries bilateral cooperation and development of commercial relations, stating that: “We have to address and alleviate the concerns of Russian investors by designing the related mechanisms in order to witness growth and expansion of commercial cooperation.”

The Russian Energy Minister continued the meeting by commending the holding of the 12th session of the Joint Commission, commenting on the disproportionality of the current trade volume compared to the excellent political relations, and stated that: “This session, more than 280 Russian companies and organizations participated in the Joint Commission and the level of Iranian delegation was much higher compared to the previous years.”

He defined the objective of holding the Joint Commission as an instrument for removing old obstacles from the routes of bilateral cooperation, meantime expressing his pleasure for the preparation of the related documentation, adding that: “Other steps of both governments in further developing mutual cooperation, include the necessity of utilizing the national currencies of both nations, supporting and backing various commercial sectors, and also provincial cooperation.”

In the current session of the Joint Economic Commission, a series of new committees were established: Energy Committee, Transportation and Communication Committee, Agriculture Committee, Investment Committee, and the Industry and Mines Committee.

At the conclusion of the Joint Commission’s very busy and long working hours, the fields of cooperation of both countries were studied and finalized in form of an agreement document which was signed by both attending ministers.



Nov 29, 2015 11:53


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