Communication Regulatory Authority Commission

According to the forth development plan, to eliminate the monopolization of investment, setting the economic and legal relations and strengthening the non-state competitors investor, the "Regulatory & Judgment Institution" has been established in the country .
This institution has been formed in order to establish a competitive environment in the field of investment and exploitation, empowering non-state competitors, setting economic relations, law and final judge in the different economic sector with the rather exclusive conditions.

In the Ministry of ICT, The Communication Regulatory Authority Commission is responsible for the following tasks related to the communication and information technology:

•    Confirming the conditions for the issuance of activity permission
•    Determining the pricing frame for goods and exclusive services
•    Regulating the tariff rules, protection of consumer"s rights and competition regulations
•    Determining & ensuring the tariffs of accessing to the basic network
•    Determining the quality, security and standard of services
•    Resolving technical, engineering & business problems the corporations and also between the corporations and the government
•    Announcing the rules of resolving the problems between the corporations and the customers
•    Supervising for observing the anti–monopoly rules and competitive conditions