I.R.I. Post Company

Post Company has been found as the most popular and oldest organization that its task is communication.
Communicating of the people with each others, government and vice versa, organizations with each others and finally people"s communication with formal and informal organizations out of the country are in this chain.
Expose of activities field of postal units is that post services has been supplied in the remotest areas of the country where its people are deprived of any communication equipments.
Exposing the postal services by eliminating unnecessary trips, not only can help making health of the urban living environment and people but can improve the country"s economy by timesaving and reducing the costs of postal transportation and also amortization of transportation means.
The statute of I.R.I Post Company has been passed by parliament of Islamic Republic of Iran in 24th of April 1988 and after the legal process, it has been imparted to the former Ministry of PTT (current the Ministry of ICT) by the prime Minister and then the Post Company has been established officially. According to economic and social necessities of our country, I.R.I Post Company has proceeded the large planning for improvement and development of the postal affairs. That plan has been imparted in the end of 1989 with specific targets, after passing the different inside & outside organizational processes according to the economic, social and cultural development plan of I.R.I.
In the process of Post Company"s development, current population coverage of each postal unit has been reduced to 1.3 and the current space coverage of that has been reduced to 1.6 toward the early years of the revolution and this matter increases people"s contact points and availability.