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January, 2010 News

TitlePublish Date
CEO of ITC announced: Hormozgan, the first grade in IT entire the country Feb 1, 2010
Minister of ICT: post proper benefit of IT to create the value-added services Jan 31, 2010
CEO of Payam Sport Club announced: Organizing the most extensive Payam cultural-sportive Olympiad Jan 31, 2010
Minister's Advisor in Veterans Affairs: A seminar for whole veterans' affairs authorities will be held Jan 30, 2010
Head of staff "Decade of Fadjr" explained: Extensive programs of Ministry of ICT in Decade of Fadjr Jan 27, 2010
Deputy of Marketing and Customer Affairs of MCI: Paying online by 40% of customers Jan 26, 2010
CEO of Post: Accepting and delivering about 610 millions of postal packages Jan 25, 2010
First step to e-government materialization by exploiting the first Metro Ethernet project Jan 25, 2010
Minister of ICT in Metro Ethernet Opening Ceremony in Ghom Province: Materialization of 80% e-banking predicted till the end of fifth plan Jan 23, 2010
Head of Parliament: ICT should be utilized optimally Jan 23, 2010
Minister of ICT: CRA should be a development dynamic engine of ICT sector Jan 23, 2010
Minister of ICT: 3 Domestic satellites will be unveiled at Decade of Fadjr Jan 20, 2010
CEO of IT Co.: Basic formula to compute the users Jan 19, 2010
Deputy of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs: Reducing public complaints of the ministry of ICT's complex Jan 17, 2010
Deputy of Training, Research and International Affairs: University is an enormous economic productive capital Jan 17, 2010
Minister of ICT: People's welfare has been increased by national development of communication Jan 17, 2010
Minister of ICT: ICT has the basis role in reengineering the structures Jan 17, 2010
Deputy of Management Development and Logistics: Optimum utilization of facilities is in the agenda Jan 16, 2010
Secretary of Ministry's Cultural Council announced the organizing of thought room Jan 13, 2010
Concurrent to the government provincial tour: Taghipour will travel to Khuzestan Jan 12, 2010
Between the ministers of ICT and Interiors: A MoU for National Intelligent Card was signed Jan 12, 2010
A glance to the national Internet in the current 4 years Jan 10, 2010
CEO of IT Co.: Users traffic needs have been changed Jan 9, 2010
Minister of ICT: Iran is able to export IT products Jan 9, 2010
Deputy of Communication and Planning: Foreseeing 87% penetration rate of mobile in the fifth plan Jan 4, 2010
Deputy of IT: Implementation of Metro Ethernet in Ghom Province till the end of next month Jan 3, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Designing a comprehensive package of bills Jan 2, 2010