Minister of ICT: CRA should be a development dynamic engine of ICT sector

Minister of ICT: CRA should be a development dynamic engine of ICT sector
CRA should be designing, leading and controlling a balanced development in ICT sector regarding to its professional position.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Taghipour in the appreciation and introducing ceremony of Minister's deputy and head of CRA and member of the board of TIC expressed:" CRA should be the development dynamic engine and we expect to accelerate and speed this action".
"This organization despite its short life has been able to regulate the relationship between the government - operators, operators - operators as well as operators - customers", he added.
Minister of ICT emphasized on informing people about the presented services and said:" Attention to these results causes integration and accelerates the exchanging and processing of information".
He pointed to change the management style by using integrity and accelerate to exchange information processing as the goal of ICT sector.
Taghipour referred to the codified program for a five-year period and said:" We have selected "The first e-government" as the motto for this program."
"In this program, making swift the justice-oriented government by IT development has been considered as a huge goal", he continued.
He referred to eliminate the physical transportation as a solution of the problems in metropolises and urban management and emphasized:" Offering all e-services instead of the distance presentable services in order to create an e-government are among the defined basic point in this program".
Minister of ICT referred to the selection of the priorities based on the population coverage of services and emphasized:" The other defined points are the development of e-health, e-banking, e-commerce, welfare and social security, IT infrastructure and IT security space".
He said: "ICT should have an effective presence in the targeted subsidy system and economic development because the implementation is not possible originally without effective utilization of this sector".
Mahmoud Khosravi presented a summary of the several years' performance of his headship in a part of this ceremony, according to this report.
He pointed to the liberalization and privatization as well as the importance of the organization's role to implement that and said:" CRA has focused all efforts to realize this important".
Mahmoud Khosravi pointed to organize the frequency space in another part of his speech and said:" The frequency spectrum is a major subject in the country and its value is rising and being particular day by day".
"So the related database was completed in this area and national frequency table also was reviewed and edited", he continued.
Member of the board of TCI pointed that establishing a bill center to use the frequency for financial management of spectrum and equipping and increasing the monitoring centers from 24 to 51 are the other important proceedings done in this area.
He also pointed to some proceedings in the communications field such as codifying the license for the frame of the first operator activities, codifying the essentials of the second operator license, international roaming, mutual connection between operators and regulations to approve samples.
Karampour, Minister's deputy and head of CRA referred to the numbering space management, frequency spectrum, value-added services and IP numbering as the major duties of CRA according to this report and said: "The most important task is the optimal management of these valuable resources".
"To maximize the easy access to IT system and characterize scientific and unbiased controlling are the regulatory principles", he added.
Karampour considered this era as IP and convergence era as well as converged and mobile networks society and said:" In this age, CRA should attend to the government, operators and service receivers as its beneficiaries and respond them at its duties".

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