CEO of IT Co.: Basic formula to compute the users

CEO of IT Co.: Basic formula to compute the users
A basic formula has prepared to compute the number of Internet users regarding to the new conditions.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Mr. Saeed Mahdiun, CEO of IT Co. said:" this formula has computed and extracted scientifically by one of the national universities".
"New formula has defined to compute the number of internet users in addition of Dialup and regarding to the new access methods such as GPRS, Wimax and ADSL", he added.
Saeed Mahdiun mentioned to the conclusion of contract with some universities and said third phase of this project are doing now and so far the basic formula for computing Internet users has also extracted.
He pointed: "This formula will be studied and different parameters will be considered in a seminar with presence of experts and specialists of different and related areas".
CEO of IT Co. by referring to the considered factors for defining the new formula said: "According to this formula, factors such as public available to the computers, the different ways of availability and ISPs will be considered to compute the users".
"The users traffic needs have had more changes than the past time", he continued.
Saeed Mahdiun said:" The new formula will be extracted and confirmed till the end of next month according to the schedule and will be confirmed as criteria for computing the national internet users if confirmed by the authorities".

Jan 19, 2010 15:41


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