Minister of ICT: 3 Domestic satellites will be unveiled at Decade of Fadjr

Minister of ICT: 3 Domestic satellites will be unveiled at Decade of Fadjr
Three domestic satellites will be unveiled at this Decade of Fadjr, in national day of satellite.

PR of the Ministry of ICT_ Reza Taghipour said in pickaxe ceremony of research centre of scientific and space technology development:" In next 3 February, different programs will be materialized in the field of space".
He added:" In this day 3 domestic satellites will be unveiled, such as "Tolou' Satellite", at the presence of the president".
"Mesbah II Satellite's model of engineering produced by responsible and experts of Space Research Center's efforts will be another satellite to unveil", he pointed.
Minister of ICT said about its specifications:" Mesbah II Satellite is a telecommunication satellite in inferior orbit and is useful for the limit communication functions, such as saving and sending messages".
Regarding to this words, "Ya Mahdi" is the other student satellite which will be unveiled in national day of satellite.
Reza Taghipour expressed that this is also an experimental satellite which is able to test its subsets including telecommunication cargos and cameras.
He referred to the cooperation between ISA and the universities and said:" Now there is an appropriate capacity in our universities in the field of space so we hope to use that by continuing this interaction".
Minister of ICT said also about the launch station:" Now all ground stations both control and launch stations is ready".
He emphasized on space rights and restated that fortunately some efficient researches have been done in this field and Iran is an active member in the most regional and international organizations.
According to this report research centre of scientific and space technology development is established to answer to some part of national research needs for designing, producing, and utilizing of space productions.
The other goals of this center are to generate technical knowledge and be able to design and produce the space productions as well as train the efficient and expert forces into the country.
This research center will be established in 5000sqm incorporation with ISA and Amir Kabir Technical University. It's predicted the project will be materialized in 18 months.      


Jan 20, 2010 16:49


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