Secretary of Ministry's Cultural Council announced the organizing of thought room

Secretary of Ministry's Cultural Council announced the organizing of thought room
Cultural council of the ministry of ICT was as the representative of Islamic Development Organization at first but it has changed to the cultural council for coordinating the cultural activities and it has been organizes in 2004 by Mr. Doostmohammadi then the regulation of it's most important activities has been implemented

PR of the Ministry of ICT – According to the regulation, the duties of this Council are as follow:
Providing the necessary backgrounds and schemes to strengthen the Islamic cultural principles and rejecting cultural invasion, making the cultural activities unilateral, recognizing the human abilities and creativities in various dimensions and predisposing for growing and blooming as well as activating the works, predisposing to develop the culture of optimum usage of public resources and national wealth by emphasizing on work culture, supporting the cultural activities in the complex, affiliated organizations and companies.
Therefore, different cultural activities were implemented by the Council in every period. For example, in Mr. Naghavian's directorship, a brochure was published named "Come with Me" with 20 subjects that was stopped because of some problems and lack of independent cultural budget. Then, essentials of the cultural plan was posed in the Cultural Council by Mr. Jaafarzadeh head of the time and finally it was imparted to the affiliated companies and organizations to send report every 6 months. Finally the activities done in the ministry were evaluated generally. So now the companies which have done significant cultural activities will be identified for introducing to the supreme minister.
Mr.Gholyan, Council's Secretary of the Ministry, said:" Cultural activity has started in the staff offices of the ministry by Mr. Borboroudi's directorship now and it will be extended to the affiliated companies and even all over the country".
He also announced the organizing the thought room in Cultural Council and said that we have accepted the cultural feeding to the units that have cultural duties such as public relations office, Basij, women's affairs, Payam cultural - sports institution.
By referring to the lack of independent budget for the council he added: "Half percent of each company's income should spend for cultural expenses according to the bill of the cabinet and 20 percent of that half-cent should be reserved for bills of provincial or Ministry's Cultural Council".
He continued that publishing the brochure in various occasions, selecting the prayer leader, religious ceremonies and cultural competitions are the other duties of the council.
Secretary of Cultural Council announced the selection of Khuzestan province as the best in the provincial level and MCI as the superior between companies in the field of cultural activities and said:" the elected companies will be evaluated and encouraged by the minister or the head of the council in the near future".
He referred to the evaluation criteria as the imparted programs of Council and said: "The province complete and send the forms at first. Then the fully authorized representative of the council will present in the province, do the final evaluation and the achieved results are the evaluation criteria".
He has considered the implementation of circulars of the ministry's cultural council and sending the monthly reports as the other evaluation items and added: "We hope the Managers who have effort for promoting technical and engineering works in their provinces, getting outrank in cultural field, too".
At the end, he announced the promotion of the goals of Islam religion and the major deals of the revolution as the main programs of Cultural Council.

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