Minister of ICT: Iran is able to export IT products

Minister of ICT: Iran is able to export IT products
Regarding to the existence possibilities, an appropriate portion can be allocated to Iran in the field of information at the horizon of 2026 as a main exporter.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Reza Taghipour, in the meeting of IT foresight at the horizon of 2026 said:" During the first 4 month of 10th government efforts and by managing some meetings with IT journalists, we have tried to make more clear way to the future in this field".
"These studies have been considered according to the last defined strategic documents and the other countries' experiments as well as the aim of being in the regional superior situation at the horizon of 2026," he added. 
Minister of ICT expressed that codifying and researching about the future will be insufficient effort if there is no consider to the national strategies and said:" We should define our needs in IT area and use it as a main and effective economic player in 2026".
He added that Iran can have an effective situation for selling IT productions if technologies and their level have been selected appropriately.
Reza Taghipour pointed: "We have appropriate human resources so hope to start this movement till the end of fifth development plan by more precise and strong planning".
"There are already good studies in the field of IT and at least 3 national documents have been codified to clear the general policy", he restated.

Jan 9, 2010 14:39
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