Head of staff "Decade of Fadjr" explained: Extensive programs of Ministry of ICT in Decade of Fadjr

Head of staff "Decade of Fadjr" explained: Extensive programs of Ministry of ICT in Decade of Fadjr
Very different and extensive programs will be held by the ministry of ICT complex in the thirty first glorious anniversary of Islamic Revolution.

PR of the Ministry of ICT-Seyed Mohammad Hosseinpour, head of staff of Decade of Fadjr said:" Some of the programs of this decade are including a vast and emotional presence in the ceremony of 11th February and meeting the families of Ministry's supreme revolutionary martyrs".
"Some other programs will be held in Decade of Fadjr such as Revolution celebration by the presence of Mr. Taghipour, Minister of ICT, deputies and managers and also senior managers in Imam Khomeini tomb in order to renew the promise with the revolution's founder at the same time of the entrance anniversary of Revolutionary Great Leader to the homeland", he added.
Minster advisor and General Director of Public Relations office by expressing that there will be some gratuitous stages along the ceremony's path said:" Individual memorial stamp will be published for people and the ministry's staff with 50 percent discount by Post Company".
"other programs that will be held in Decade of Fadjr is the ceremony of Space Technology World Day in 3rd of February as well as opening ceremony of telecommunication, post and post bank projects by authorities", he continued.
Head of staff pointed that the activities report booklet of the ministry and affiliated companies and organizations will be delivered to authorities and audiences related to the beginning of 9th government till now in thirty first Revolution anniversaries.
Seyed Mohammad Hossein Pour continued that the other program of this blest decade is to hold some competitions such as writing, Painting and poetry in occasion of Decade of Fadjr as well as holding Revolutionary stamps exhibition in all provinces of the country.

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