Deputy of IT: Implementation of Metro Ethernet in Ghom Province till the end of next month

Deputy of IT: Implementation of Metro Ethernet in Ghom Province till the end of next month
Metro Ethernet of Ghom province will be exploited till the end of next month as a backbone for providing high speed communication required for that province.

PR of the Ministry of ICT_ Mr. Abdolmadjid Riazi deputy of IT said:" Metro Ethernet has been designed as a pilot in Ghom and Kerman provinces to be a work pattern for other province's networks".
"The core of Metro Ethernet in Ghom province is 10 GB and is able to offer the local network bandwidth up to 1 GB to the applicants", he added.
He pointed that many provincial needs will be prepared by this network as much as they need and it can also connect to the national and global networks and use them.
Deputy of IT expressed:" This network has the capacity to offer high speed lines to all citizens through Telecommunication Company of Ghom or other permitted companies and operators can received their required bandwidth.
He continued that VoID, VoIP, IPTV, and MPLS are such a services offered on this network.
"E-commerce, e-government, e-banking and e-learning are the other services which are presented to applicants by this network," he emphasized.
Abdolmadjid Riazi said:" The network has been designed in such a way that Theological School of Ghom and the other universities of this province can present their live class over there".
He added that one of the other major usages of Metro Ethernet Network of Ghom province is the infrastructure of National Intelligent Cart which is designed and implanted in corporation with Registry Office of Civil Status.
"Cost of implementing this project in Ghom Province is totally about 80 billion Rials," he restated. 


Jan 3, 2010 15:03


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