Deputy of Management Development and Logistics: Optimum utilization of facilities is in the agenda

Deputy of Management Development and Logistics: 
Optimum utilization of facilities is in the agenda
There are enough facilities and sources in the ministry of ICT but to optimize utilization of them they should be systematic.

PR of the Ministry of ICT_ In introduction and farewell party for general directors of Administrative Affairs and Office of Administrative Reform Affairs, Shams-addin Borboroodi said:" The complex of management development is responsible for giving services and there is need to prepare a calm atmosphere to do that".
"We hope to promote the staff of the ministry qualitatively and quantitatively and to be pioneer in this area more and more by utilizing IT equipments", he added.
By emphasizing to start the administrative Reform in the ministry in general, Deputy of Management Development and Logistics pointed that there is need to do extra effort to access our ultimate goal, that is to promote our IT power, by establishing hard and soft ware infrastructures and make the proper culture in the ministry for scheduling achievement.
He continued:" Office of Administrative Reform Affairs can utilize the abilities of ITRC in an efficient, logical and continues relationship to execute its decisions.
"Administrative Affairs Office also has to do the required steps to regulate the quality and quantity equation of human recourses in all over the ministry in the frame of duties and responsibilities as the main authority of national ICT", he pointed.
According to this report, in this ceremony, after appreciating Dr. Pourmahdi as the former general director of Administrative Reform Affairs Office, Mr. Ataei was introduced for this position for next 2 years.
Also Mr. Seyed Morteza Mostafavi was assigned as General Director of Administrative Affairs by ordering Deputy of Management Development and Logistics.


Jan 16, 2010 08:13


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