CEO of Post Co.: Designing a comprehensive package of bills

CEO of Post Co.: Designing a comprehensive package of bills
A comprehensive package of bills will be designed and initiated in to the distribution network for monolithic distribution of different bills during the next month.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian Araghi said:" This package has been designed for organizing the house deliver services ".
"All organizations can set their bills in this package with the minimum cost and people can receive all their bills cumulatively ", he added.
CEO of Post Co. expressed that public and private sectors as well as enterprises can use this package for distributing their information booklets and advertising forms.
About the service's tariff, he pointed:" According to the decisions, public organizations and institutions will pay only 300 Rials for any sheet in order to distribute their bills through this package".
"It will be received respectively, 300 and 100 Rials from the applicants for distributing each information booklet and advertising forms through the comprehensive package of bills", he added.
Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian Araghi referring to the benefits of this plan said: "Public organizations can save their distribution's costs as well as time".
He stressed that people can also receive and pay their bills cumulatively in each period.
"We hope to increase the quality and speed of such a service to better organize the house deliver services", he added.

Jan 2, 2010 15:23


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