Minister of ICT: ICT has the basis role in reengineering the structures

Minister of ICT: ICT has the basis role in reengineering the structures
Changing the management style and attitude to new technologies can lead the structure be swift.
Mr. Reza Taghipour, in 18th meeting of administrative and financial deputies of governmental organizations and ministries said:" Article 44 of Iran Constitution is passing the process to be executive now and regarding to the attention of supreme leader, so the economic delegable units will transfer to private section in accordance of that".
"But an essential reengineering should be done in the structures and at the same time with separating the economic delegable units of the government body", he added.
He continued that the management network can change by increasing the skills of human resources as well as ICT.
Minister of ICT expressed by refer to the problems of large cities and management: "solving these problems is not possible by the traditional methods but it is possible to resolve them by offering the electronic services like many other countries.
He emphasized: "Discussion about offering the services remotely that is considered for making the affairs electronic is one of the solutions in this area".
Reza Taghipour, referring to the provided infrastructures in this area said: "With the efforts made by the past government, we have no in communication infrastructures and can provide the needs of different parts in this area".
He emphasized that regarding to the President specific attention, in the field of ICT the work group of IT management has been formed which is a good opportunity for reengineering the structures.
Minister of ICT said: "as yet, after meetings with experts in this field six main topic is foreseeing for this subject".
Making electronic all Services which are delegable non-presence for establishing e-government, e-health, e-commerce, e-banking, security and developing the Islamic and Iranian culture are some of these topics", he added.

Jan 17, 2010 13:02


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