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February, 2010 News

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General Director of PR said: The Second Festival for ICT and Media Mar 1, 2010
Online gaming sweeps China Mar 1, 2010
People, Groups Flock to the Web After Chile Earthquake Mar 1, 2010
HP Cautious About Touch in Business Laptops Mar 1, 2010
China premier: 2010 'most complicated' for economy Mar 1, 2010
Intelligent transport of the future will warn of hazards and improve traffic flow Linking cars with ICTs reduces greenhouse gases Mar 1, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Launching the modern postal services in the fifth development program Feb 28, 2010
Google launches 'person finder' for Chile quake victims Feb 28, 2010
More Than 100 Companies Targeted by Google Hackers Feb 28, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: SDES committee will be organized in the ministry Feb 27, 2010
CEO of Post bank announced: 130% growth of ICT offices' transaction Feb 27, 2010
Ministry of ICT: Electronic services will be offered between organizations till the end of the fifth program Feb 23, 2010
Mobile phones become pocket banks in poor countries Feb 23, 2010
Deputy of IT: five percent of fifth plan rules belong to IT Feb 23, 2010
U.S. pinpoints code writer behind Google attack: report Feb 22, 2010
The Internet will make you smarter, say experts Feb 22, 2010
Deputy of Education, Research and International Affairs: The domestic ability share in ICT market will be increased Feb 21, 2010
Experts highlight growing cyber-jihad threat Feb 21, 2010
Chinese schools deny link to Google attack Feb 21, 2010
Report: Hackers attacked Google from China schools Feb 21, 2010
Deputy of Planning & Communication said: 23 articles rendered to develop ICT in fifth development plan's Act Feb 21, 2010
CEO of Cultural-Sportive Payam Institute: Materializing 90 percent of the predicted programs Feb 20, 2010
Indonesia looks to block offensive Internet pages Feb 17, 2010
Ministry of ICT and the Elites Feb 17, 2010
Google demonstrates phone that translates text Feb 17, 2010
Smartphones under growing threat from hackers Feb 17, 2010
Microsoft to announce new phone software: sources Feb 16, 2010
Reza Taghipour: Ministry of ICT presents a chain of services to the people Feb 10, 2010
CEO of ITC: Mid-pilot center of Digital Certificate Issuance is implemented in the Ministry of ICT Feb 10, 2010
Intel, IBM roll out new computer network chips Feb 10, 2010
Minister of ICT: Iran has been changed to a scientific and technological pole Feb 10, 2010
Security chip that does encryption in PCs hacked Feb 10, 2010
Minister's advisor described: Consequences of ICT after the revolution's victory Feb 7, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: IT management work group approved e-services development plan Feb 7, 2010
Minister of ICT: Iran is one of the pioneers in space technology Feb 6, 2010
Minister of Defense: Space consequences enforced the enemies to broadcast Feb 3, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Hormozgan, the first grade in IT entire the country Feb 1, 2010