CEO of ITC announced: Hormozgan, the first grade in IT entire the country

CEO of ITC announced: Hormozgan, the first grade in IT entire the country
Hormozgan has acquired 95 points to achieve the first grade entire the country, according to the evaluation till the end of Azar (21st of Dec.). It is for materializing IT standards in 4th development plan.

PR of the Ministry of ICT_ Saeid Mediun, CEO of ITC said: "Khorasan Razavi and Golestan acquired respectively 91 and 89 points, second and third grade all over the country".
"In the field of urban houses connected to the information network, Tehran has acquired the first grade by materializing 133 percent of the goals of 4th development plan", he added.
He explained that village with more than 100 populations connected to the information network is another standard of 4th development plan. Ardebil, Eastern Azerbaijan and Northern Khorasan have acquired respectively first to third grade by materializing 224, 210 and 209 percent of the mentioned goal.
Saeid Mediun pointed: "Another standard of 4th development plan is to establish and offer IT services in urban ICT offices. Kurdistan, Bushehr, and Golestan have acquired top grades one after the other by materializing 230 percent of that goal".
In the field of establishing and offering ICT services in rural ICT offices, Qom, Mazandaran and Western Azerbaijan have achieved respectively first to third grade.
CEO of ITC emphasized on materializing a part of 4th development plan in IT and restated that till the end of last Azar (21st of Dec.) national Internet capacity has attained to 31 thousand and 704 Mbps by materializing 123 percent of the goal.
Penetration rate of Internet users has attained to 34.9 percent and materialized 116 percent of the goal of 4th development plan.

Feb 1, 2010 15:18


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