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December, 2015 News

TitlePublish Date
Vaezi Highlights Democratic, Transparent and State-Friendly Approach in Global Internet Governance Dec 31, 2015
SCO States Welcome Iran’s Bid for Full Membership Dec 31, 2015
World Internet Conference (2015) Emphasizes Internet Growth and Development Dec 30, 2015
Vaezi Attends China’s Second World Internet Conference Dec 30, 2015
Dr. Vaezi Addresses Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s PM Council Dec 30, 2015
ICT Minister Attends Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) PM Meeting Dec 22, 2015
Iran and Afghanistan Sign ICT Cooperation Deal Dec 21, 2015
Iran and Afghanistan Cooperate in Training ICT Specialists Dec 19, 2015
Iran and Finland to Increase Communication Cooperation Dec 19, 2015
Iran Post Co. Issues Two New Commemorative Stamps Dec 19, 2015
Afghan Telecommunication Minister Visits Iran Post Co. Dec 19, 2015
Afghan Telecom’ Minister meets Iranian Private Sector Managers Dec 15, 2015
Afghan Telecommunication Minister Discusses Iran’s Position with Vaezi Dec 15, 2015
Common Grounds for Iran-Afghanistan Cooperation Dec 13, 2015
Vaezi’s Appreciation Message for Iraqi Communication Minister Dec 13, 2015
Sweden Eyes Collaboration Opportunities in Iran Dec 13, 2015
Swedish Commercial Office to Commence Operations in Tehran Dec 8, 2015
Iran and Turkmenistan Sign Cooperation Agreement in Post Services Dec 8, 2015
Joint Committee for Developing Iran-Hungary Cooperation on Agenda Dec 6, 2015
Iran and Hungary Discuss ICT Cooperation Dec 6, 2015
Dr. Vaezi Meets Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dec 6, 2015
ICT Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Iran and Hungary Dec 5, 2015
Research Collaboration between Iran and Russian Federation Dec 5, 2015
ITU Letter of Commendation for Iran Dec 1, 2015
IRAN Designated APSCO 2017 Chairman Dec 1, 2015