IRAN Designated APSCO 2017 Chairman

IRAN Designated APSCO 2017 Chairman
In the ninth meeting of the council of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO), Turkey was announced as the next host of this council in 2016, and Iran is going to host this event in 2017.

 According to ICT Ministry’s Public Relation center, at the onset of the ninth session of the APSCO council, the agreement between APSCO and the China National Space Administration (CNSA) involving provision of Observation Satellite Data in the event of natural disasters was extended and renewed for another 2 years, and satellite images of the recent earthquake in Pakistan was delivered to the Pakistani representative.

Also, after the proceedings, it was decided that the next session of the council in 2016 will be held in Turkey, and Iran will be the host in 2017.

In continuation of the session and through unanimous vote, Iran was chosen as the Chairman of APSCO Council for the next two years, and Mongolia’ representative and Pakistan’s representative were also chosen respectively as the First and Second Vice-Chairman’s of this important regional organization.

During the ninth APSCO council’s meeting, Dr. Bahrami expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the previous chairman, Mr. XU Dazhe, also thanking all APSCO member states for entrusting the position of Council’s Chairman to the I.R. of Iran.

The Vice Minister of Information and Communication Technology and the President of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) expressed that: “The eagerness and high morale of APSCO member states for cooperating in Space sector will bring about a bright future for this organization in all Space sectors.”

At the conclusion of his address, he also extended his heartfelt gratitude to APSCO’s secretariat for successful implementation of the council’s meetings, and also to active participation of all member states which is going to be the key to the progress of this organization.

At the end, minutes of the proceedings of the ninth APSCO council were unanimously drafted, approved, and officially conveyed to the APSCO secretariat.

The third day of the meetings was dedicated to bilateral and private meetings of state member representatives with the APSCO secretariat and other related and active centers in China; also, the delegation of I.R. of Iran had numerous meeting sessions with the APSCO’s new Secretary-General and top Department Directors.

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