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December, 2011 News

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Secretary of ICT Festival: the second National ICT Festival will be held at the Communication week Dec 31, 2011
Apple’s devices dominate mobile shopping this holiday Dec 27, 2011
General Director of Fars ICT Office: working-groups related to ICT area have been formed Dec 27, 2011
General Director of Economic Investigations of ICT Ministry : Iran postal traffic is 3/5 times of the regional average Dec 25, 2011
ICT Deputy Minister in a meeting with Governor of Hamadan said: Hamadan data center will be operated by the end of the current year Dec 21, 2011
Sony sells 321,000 PlayStation Vita units in two days Dec 21, 2011
ICT Minister: 6 thousand ICT rural offices will be created by the end of the fifth development plan Dec 21, 2011
Head of Iran IT Organization: 40 articles related to ICT development in the fifth development plan Dec 21, 2011
General Director of Khuzestan ICT Office reported: ICT development in the province. Dec 19, 2011
Minister of ICT: the same services will be provided to people with fixed line new code Dec 18, 2011
Sony's PlayStation Vita hits stores in Japan Dec 18, 2011
..New generation GPS satellite starts tests in Colo. Dec 14, 2011
New operating system for space: High-tech tycoons Dec 14, 2011
..Sandwich-making robots could revolutionize catering industry (but not just yet) Dec 14, 2011
..Nintendo releases early 2012 software lineup for 3DS and Wii Dec 14, 2011
The first phase of scientific network will be exploited soon Dec 14, 2011
Cyber attacks could wreck world oil supply Dec 13, 2011
Minister of ICT: security and bandwidth problems will be resolved by national information network Dec 11, 2011
TOKYO (Reuters) - Sales of Nintendo Co Ltd's 3DS games device will hit 3 million units in the Japanese market within days, but consumers in the U.S. and Europe seem to be delaying their holiday season shopping due to poor economic conditions, the company said. Dec 10, 2011
TAIPEI (Reuters) - HTC Corp has no plans for now to change its fourth-quarter sales guidance, as shares in the world's No.4 smartphone maker tumbled nearly 7 percent on Wednesday on worries that a 30 percent drop in monthly sales may point to worse times ahead. Dec 10, 2011
Head of IT organization: 60 percent of families will access to the broadband network at the end of the fifth program Dec 10, 2011
CEO of Isfahan Telecommunication Co.:providing the broadband electronically Dec 10, 2011
General Director of Hamedan ICT Office : introducing the whole ICT activities in the provice Dec 10, 2011