The first phase of scientific network will be exploited soon

The first phase of scientific network will be exploited soon
The first phase of scientific network will be exploited as a element of National Information Network,soon

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Ali Hakim Javadi, Head of IT organization said:" scientific network will be exploited by the ministry of ICT and ministry of Science".
"Several universities and scientific institutions and one or two medical universities and Seminaries will be connected in the first phase of the network", he said.
He said that Iranian Reseach organization for Science and Technology (IROST) has performed the first generation of national network before and continued:" Scientific network is non-governmental and should be given to the related organization, since it is supposed to connect all universities, IROST is the best choice to perform this network and also service providing modle is the business modle which has been considered for the network by IROST".
Head of IT organization pointed to the national information network as a specific program of the organization and said:" we are insistent to do this and ask all mass media to make all effort to perform this project".
About the method of providing services, he said:" many services will be offered on this network and the content providers and operators and also every one who wants to share should gain the needed permission from the legal authorities".
Head of IT organization pointed to the provincial data centers and emphasized:" now, we are going to launch 31 data centers in the provinces and using the modle used in most of the countries, so we are able to implement the provincial data centers with the national center in Tehran in a united shape".
"Each of the provincial data centers can provide the required services of the province or offer the space to the others", he continued.
Deputy Minister of ICT said:"these data centers will provide the conditions for creating the national network regarding the seperation of internet and intranet networks".
Hakim Javadi said that holding the 17th international ELECOMP exhibition has resulted some specialized achievements for ICT experts and continued:"It has also resulted education and culture for non-specialist that is the most important and essencial programs of the organization".
Deputy Minister of ICT pointed to the Act of High Administrative Council about IT organization and added:" IT organization will be managed by the board of directors according to the Act of the Council which has been passed in 24 AUG.2011".
"After that, some proposals has been offered to the Council for performing and providing the Act of the organization and it has been passed in 24 AUG.2011, thereafter, IT organization will be managed by the board of directors", he continued.
Deputy Minister of ICT emphasized:"IT organization will have one month time to offer the new Act to the government after signing by the President and it is predicted that will be informed till the end of the year".
Deputy Minister of ICT about the companies participated in the exhibition said:" ELECOMP was a great opportunity for the public and private sectors cooperation and they can surely expand their market for providing the services and consulting as well as exporting their products".

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