General Director of Hamedan ICT Office : introducing the whole ICT activities in the provice

General Director of Hamedan ICT Office : introducing the whole ICT activities in the provice
All ongoing activities in ICT area will be introduced in the province according to the schadule.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Mojtaba Saki, General Director of Hamedan ICT Office said:" strategic and micro planning for ICT development at the provincial level, monitoring the operators' activities as well as responding and cooperation with the Governor and General Offices in the province has been considered as duties for these offices".
"However, the anticipated goals and considered tasks agreed with the overall goals of ICT Ministry will be achieved with all relevant sectors cooperation", he added.
He pointed to the process of monitoring the operators and doing the functions and continued:" the ongoing activities in the field of radio and ICT will be controlled electronically and personally by the experts".
"The frequency space and the possible interference will be controlled in this section by using the fixed and mobile monitoring systems and personal inspecting the radio networks used in different areas such as emegency and fire stations" Mojtaba Saki emphasized.
He also said that all services provided by Data companies which have Radio network were controlled technically now.
He also pointed to monitoring system on ICT activists and added:"all servies provided by ISP and ISDP companies are controlled online in order to be offered to the applicants by observing the rules and in the licences' framework".
"Online and personal monitoring on the postal and telecomunication operators as well as resolving the possible problems are the other activities of this office", he emphasized.
Mojtaba Saki pointed to the Office's presence to the Administrative Council meetings and said: "We are trying to improve this section position in the provice by providing a complete report of the current ICT activities in the Governor and cooperating with all ICT sectors".

Dec 10, 2011 14:44


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