Head of Iran IT Organization: 40 articles related to ICT development in the fifth development plan

Head of Iran IT Organization: 40 articles related to ICT development in the fifth development plan
40 of all 231 articles of the fifth development plan is related to ICT development and its relation with IT projects in the country.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Hakim Javadi in Hamedan e-city congress said:"15 articles of the total 40 refers to IT application directly".
He said that Article 46 of the fifth plan is one of the main article of the Act which has been referred to national information network creation
ICT Deputy Minister said that three sources should be considered in e-government to achieve the predicted programs for 1404 (solar year) and continued:" therefore we should schedule to create electronic,united , available and unconditional Iran".
"According to the fifth development plan, creating and developing National Information Network by ICT Ministry will prepared IT development for different applications", he added.
He continued: "National Information Network contains three sections: software and hardware infrastructure, contents and information service providers".
Secretary of national IT high council pointed to national information network and said:"providing high speed access for all applications is a feature of the network and also contains data security center to host various application data".
"Creating and developing National Information Network has been considered as a task for ICT Ministry in the fifth development plan in order to provide the required capacity and infrastructure for various applications of information technology in the country", he continued.
Head of IT organization pointed to the different indicators in the fifth development plan and emphasized:"80 percent of money in circulation and 30 percent of training will be electronically in E-Iran".

He added that over the past 20 years, strange things has been happened by creating IT network and internet development , so we were faced new and unpredictable events.
"IT Revolution has been considered as the world fifth revolution after industrial revolution and caused many changes in the modern world",he added.
Ali Hakim Javadi said that increasing the bandwidth penetration rate caused GDP growth and so, the countries strategic is constructed on bandwidth development.
"Based on the available data, GDP will be developed 1.38 percent if the broadband penetration rate increase 10 percent", he added
ICT Deputy Minister pointed that the digital divide between Tehran and the provinces has been reduced and added:" ICT is one of the essential tools and strategies to omit the privation and it should be noted more than before".
According to the report, Ali Asghar Ansari, vice president of network development and management, and Hussein Shakouri, secretary of the Office traveled with Ali Hakim Javadi.

Dec 21, 2011 12:29


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