Minister of ICT: security and bandwidth problems will be resolved by national information network

Minister of ICT: security and bandwidth problems will be resolved by national information network
Internet security and the needed bandwidth will be provided by launching the national information network.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Reza Taghipour in the opening ceremony of 17th international ELECOMP exhibition said:"national information network is a unique network with high capacity and unavailable for cyber attacks which will provide the proper conditions for exchanging the national information".
"Expanding the bandwidth and providing the security is a necessity and this network
will provide the next decade requirements", he added.
He emphasized:" It has been designed for special operations and the basis construct is being done by the public sector".
"A waste sequence will be removed in this area by creating the national information network as well as the complementary networks such as fiber optic", he continued.
Minister of ICT said that ICT plays an important role in economic, social and political sections and continued:" now, the aim of information technology is to achieve the knowledge management as well as knowledge-base economic".
"ICT role in knowledge-base economic development is undeniable for this area's activists and the promotion conditions has been considered to achieve the knowledge-base economic in the fifth development plan, so now, all organizations and the executive, legislative and judiciary branches has made efforts to hold ELECOMP exhibition in order to offer their achievements", he continued.
Dr. Reza Taghipour said that some bodies abused internet network to spy the information and continued:" many people shows reaction when we talk about the security in IT space beside the bandwidth development".
He pointed to ELECOMP exhibition as a great event in this area and continued:" the exhibition received warm welcome from the foreign companies and it shows an undeniable fact and the dynamism of this area".
He suggested that IT companies should take advantage of the knowledge-base business models in their activities.
He pointed that the strength of Islamic countries will be issued in the content and cultural development and continued:"we need a general movement with the public and private sector's cooperation in order to upload the content instead of download and then the developed contents will be available".
"Iran is the best in the world for the computer games and digital media now, but cannot take economic advantage because there is lack of business model in this industry", he said.

Dec 11, 2011 15:17


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