Minister of ICT: the same services will be provided to people with fixed line new code

Minister of ICT: the same services will be provided to people with fixed line new code
All people will equally benefit by the variety of services in these areas by the fixed line new code in Tehran province.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Reza Taghipour in the ceremony that was hold with presence of the President Deputy for this purpose said:"every body will have equal access to Internet and data networks through the provine by this project".
"Other benefits of the project includes: cost reducing and economic positive effects for all in the province especially in small-towns", he added.
Minister of ICT pointed to the project social effects and continued:" the distance between the province center and small towns will be omitted by conducting the project".
" The project has been implemented without any cost for the government and people to realize the government slogans such as kindness, justice, development, advancement and providing the services for people", he emphasized.
According to the report, Dr. Mohammad Karampour, Head of CRA said that the project is conducting for people satisfaction and continued:" communication justice, making e-government infrastructure in all areas as well as national resources management have been provided by this project".
"Based on the efforts and the proper designing and planing, no complaints has been made by the customers", he continued.
He pointed to the last status of national communication and said:" nearly 300 thousand broadband port had been existed in the country by the end of year 1385, but this index has been raised to two million and eight hundred thousand ports now ".
Mohammad Karampour added that only 80 towns had access to the broadband port in 1385 but now, the number has been risen to one thousand .
" 54 million mobile phone has been given throughout the country and the penetration rate is 73% and according to the world statistics, the index has been reached to 76% in the world", he continued.

Dec 18, 2011 14:05


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