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June, 2010 News

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Airport scanners are totally going to kill us Jun 30, 2010
Apple sells more than 1.7M iPhones in 3 days Jun 29, 2010
MapQuest beta version has a cleaner, simpler look Jun 29, 2010
FTC Says Scammers Stole Millions, Using Virtual Companies Jun 29, 2010
Effective Presence of Iran caused: Inserting Iran’s Requests in UNCSTD Resolution Jun 29, 2010
Google changes China access after Beijing objects Jun 29, 2010
HP cuts contractor use for printer growth Jun 29, 2010
64 proposals were approved in control ICT programs Council Jun 29, 2010
Germany says Apple must improve data transparency Jun 28, 2010
China bans military from blogging Jun 28, 2010
US unveils plan to make online transactions safer Jun 28, 2010
FTC Says Scammers Stole Millions, Using Virtual Companies Jun 28, 2010
90% of the world’s population is now covered by a mobile cellular network Jun 28, 2010
Broadband Providers Oppose FCC Reclassification Jun 28, 2010
Head of ISA: Remote Sensing Activities expand Jun 28, 2010
Apple iPhone 4 has Samsung and Micron chips: report Jun 28, 2010
Specialized Commission of Information Technology and Security Management Jun 28, 2010
Specialized Commission of Information Technology and Security Management Jun 27, 2010
Broadband Experts: All Adoption Is Local Jun 27, 2010
Intel, FTC in talks to settle antitrust case Jun 27, 2010
Pakistan to monitor Google, others for blasphemy Jun 27, 2010
Google Chrome Browser Gets a Built-in Flash Player Jun 27, 2010
Large study finds no cell phone mast link to cancer Jun 23, 2010
International effort to rebuild Haiti’s telecommunication infrastructure Jun 23, 2010
Advisor to the Minister of ICT announced: 388 telecom projects have been approved during the first and second provincial tour Jun 22, 2010
Dell Aims Inspiron R at Consumers with Distinctive Shape Jun 22, 2010
Amazon, Barnes & Noble slash e-reader prices Jun 22, 2010
Give Your Laptop Superpowers Jun 22, 2010
Microsoft releases Windows Live Messenger app Jun 22, 2010
WordPress 3.0 Blogging Software Released Jun 22, 2010
ICT Minister’s Advisor and Director General of PR announced: Deadline of work sending to ICT and Media Festival is prolonged Jun 21, 2010
Verizon offers FiOS try-out Jun 21, 2010
Testing Reveals Security Software Often Misses New Malware Jun 21, 2010
Intel's Westmere-EX to Include More Cores Jun 21, 2010
CEO of ITC: IP addresses will be organized Jun 20, 2010
Latin America Net Arena Offers VC Opportunities Jun 20, 2010
FCC votes to reconsider broadband regulations Jun 20, 2010
Fear and loathing at E3: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Jun 20, 2010
FCC Group Crafting Plans to Open up Mobile Spectrum Jun 20, 2010
Texting While Driving More Common Among Adults Than Teens Jun 20, 2010
Telstra strikes $10B deal for Australia broadband Jun 20, 2010
Did Apple Update Mac's Malware Protection--But Not Tell Anyone? Jun 20, 2010
Hackers and Apple make for a dangerous pair Jun 19, 2010
Time to wake up to cyber threat: experts Jun 19, 2010
WordPress 3.0 Blogging Software Released Jun 19, 2010
Head of ISA announced: Implementation of the First Phase of Remote Medical Intensive Care Network Jun 16, 2010
With presence of Minister of ICT: The first professional commission meeting of Information Technology Security (ITS) management was held Jun 16, 2010
Sprint to limit data roaming for laptop users: report Jun 15, 2010
Game developers preparing for diverse E3 show Jun 15, 2010
Growth of post sectors during the fourth development plan Jun 15, 2010
Advisor to the minister announced: Materialization of Forth Development Plan’s goals in Telecommunication Sector Jun 15, 2010
Microsoft Kinect arrives November 4th, battle begins Jun 15, 2010
Microsoft upgrades Expression toolset with search engine optimization Jun 15, 2010
Microsoft's newest Office goes on sale Tuesday Jun 15, 2010
Nokia vows to defend smartphone territory Jun 14, 2010
Microsoft christens motion-gaming "Kinect" Jun 14, 2010
CEO of Post bank of Iran: Developing e-services is the main program of the bank Jun 13, 2010
New cyberattacks in SKorea; sites suffer no damage Jun 12, 2010
Google tells lawmakers it never used Wi-Fi data Jun 12, 2010
Researchers Develop Prototype for Ultra-HD Display Jun 12, 2010
Introducing superior provinces in IT of forth Development Plan Jun 9, 2010
China says it will keep blocking online content Jun 9, 2010
Microsoft to offer $1.15B in convertible debt Jun 9, 2010
Lawmakers seek prepaid cell crackdown, cite terror Jun 9, 2010
Installation of deputy of strategic planning and control of ICT Jun 9, 2010
Road map set for global development of telecommunications and ICT Hyderabad Action Plan agreed at ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference Jun 7, 2010
Australia launches privacy investigation of Google Jun 7, 2010
Toshiba to Launch 3D-capable Laptop in July Jun 7, 2010
Minister of ICT: Producing united information is under care of deputy of strategic planning and control Jun 7, 2010
In WTDC-10; Iran was elected as vice-chairman of Study group 2 Jun 7, 2010
Microsoft sticks up for Windows operating system Jun 7, 2010
CEO of TCI announced: Enhancing productivity in Telecommunication Complex Jun 6, 2010
Activists Worry About a New 'Green Dam' in Vietnam Jun 6, 2010
Hackers plant viruses in Windows smartphone games Jun 6, 2010
Apple conference likely to yield new iPhone Jun 6, 2010
Microsoft to Google: You're Not Exactly Safe Yourself Jun 2, 2010
FCC plans study to measure broadband speeds Jun 2, 2010
By making concordant with WTDC-10 Iranian Commission condemned Zionists over their brutality Jun 2, 2010
CEO of I.R.I Post announced: 11 percent of inside and outside civil travel decreased Jun 1, 2010
Hyderabad Action Plan to outline global strategies for telecommunication and ICT development Jun 1, 2010
Intel Readies Atom Platform for Tablets Jun 1, 2010
China boasts world's second-fastest supercomputer Jun 1, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Codifying the instruction to issue ISMS Certification Jun 1, 2010