Specialized Commission of Information Technology and Security Management

The first commission meeting of ITS management has been held by the Minister's speech and with presence of different organizations, the Judiciary and Islamic parliament representatives.

Minister of ICT considered different problems such as weakness of IT institutions and lack of an approved strategy for IT, weakness in centralized management of financial sources as well as weakness in IT management for the main projects as different vulnerabilities of the forth plan in national IT area by referring to lack of a national trustee for IT during the forth plan.
He added: "We believe that IT is a layer that every organization should share to its development and pay attention to this area".
He pointed: "If this area has been developed by leaps and bounds in many countries and even the President has responsibility for charging that, Malaysia can be cited in this extent, this matter requires all sections cooperation and we can name tenth cabinet as e- government by the efforts has been made or will be made in the future".
He referred to the 15Ple Committee and said: "The different topics will be studied to provide as the projects and their executive strategies will be presented to the specialized commission by these 15ple committees.
The proposals will be submitted to the cabinet IT management work group after studying the submitted topics by the specialized commission in order to prepare the necessary legislation and establish the executive mechanisms as well as providing the possibility for making operational the defined projects in this area during the fifth plan as soon as possible".

Commission Goals
The purpose of this commission is to liven the justice-based government by developing the secured e-services that its main strategy is to develop the secured e-services and ITS management structure with the approach to gain proper market shares in the region and the world as well as expanding IT culture and professional training.
Practically, the policies and principles of IT development in the country has been selected based on self-rules which consists of observing the Iranian - Islamic values in the cyberspace and being independence to the foreigners in the vital affairs in the field of ITS, so it has been considered in order to focus on this budget and management of strategic projects (six national level strategy areas) and also international contact points management.
On the other hand, it has been emphasized to support the internal software's industry, particular hardware manufacturing in the country, exporting ITS industry and presenting in international arena as well as maximum usage of the private sector's technical ability.
It has been also stressed for making operational the space of data exchange security document by all organizations, making applied and targeted the academic researches in this area, updating
The training system transversally and longitudinally, observing the maximum usage of national engineering, manufacturing, industrial and administrative abilities, supporting ITS industry export and attending in international arena, making an interactive system in the framework of standards as well as developing the regional and international cooperation and interaction in the field of IT.
Basic steps in IT area in the country

Basic steps in IT area in the country includes: developing e-government, IT infrastructures, e-economic and e-commerce, expanding ITS security, Iranian- Islamic culture in the cyberspace, e-health and rights and laws.
Since the president is responsible for leading and managing information technology in the country so ITS work group does their activities under the president consideration. Specialized commission of ITS management that controls the specialized committees will be under this work group supervision too. Thus it will be expected this movement be faster and proliferate as IT management is controlled by the highest administrative layers.

Members of ITS Management Work Group

Members of ITS management work group include: Ministers of ICT, Economic and Finance Affairs, Commerce, Welfare and Social Security, Industries and Mines, Culture and Islamic Guidance, Interior, president deputy of planning and strategic supervision, president deputy of management development and human resource, president deputy of science and technology, head of presidential ICT center.
Duties of the work group includes: studying and deciding to make policy, following up, guidance, leading and supervising on the progress of ITS and security activities, allocating and correct guidance of budget and financial resources to implement the huge projects of ITS and security, creating and modifying the regulations, standardization, researching and making culture as well as creating an appropriate atmosphere to produce electronic content, observing the sovereignty principles and balance between the information security development and e- government.

Members of ITS management specialized commission

Members of ITS management specialized commission include: Ministers of ICT, Economic and Finance Affairs, Commerce, Defense, Industries, Interior, President deputy of strategic planning and control, president deputy of management development and human resource, Central bank, Judiciary, Islamic Parliament, presidential ICT center.
Duties of the commission include:
Providing the draft of expertise plans and reports to offer the ITS management work group, Macro management of national and strategic ITS projects, managing, organizing and providing the required financial resources for national and strategic ITS projects, following up the implementation of ITS work group's programs, creating and leading the executive professional committees in order to coordinate and integrate the programs as well as coordinating between ITS senior managers and monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the executive system's programs.
It's mentioned that strategic council has some specialized committee. These committees have general and common duties such as cooperating and coordinating with the specialized commission of ITS management to offer the suggestion or doing the devolved affairs, cooperating with other specialized committees such as common and joint committees, identifying the active people and elites in the professional area in abroad and inside, the organizations and institutions, associations, unions and companies, both public and private in specialized areas, receiving and studying the requests and suggestions, studying all implemented, in proceeding or in defining projects, creating the application systems, documentation, informing about the future programs and activities.

Specialized Committees:

Duty of this committee includes: identifying the provided services by the executive systems to citizens, giving priority and planning in order to design and implement a single window of public services for offering the services by the organizations themselves in decentralized, integrated and electronically form to the citizens from a unique virtual center.
President Deputy of management development and human resource
is the head of the committee and the members are representatives of the judiciary and legislature, with representatives of the Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Interior, heads of 18ple committees, City Council , NAJA and presidential ICT center.

E-Commerce & Economy
Since the work group of e-commerce has been established independently with the powers of state government staff (constitution, Article 138) so it's duty will be commercial ultra-segment coordination with the other sectors and under Ministry of commerce control.
Its members are Ministry of transportation, Chamber of Commerce, Central Bank, ports and Maritime organization, ITC of Iran and IR of Iran Customs administration.

The committee is responsible for providing the electronic service in the field of citizens health and subjects such as e- health records, electronic medical services insurance offices and .. . have been considered for that. Head of the committee is Ministry of Health and Medical education and its members are Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Central Bank, the country's Retirement Organization, the Armed Forces Retirement Organization, Social Welfare organization, National organization for Civil Registration, Medical Council, Veterinary Organization, and ITC of Iran.

IT infrastructures
All of the required infrastructure to provide the public services to the citizens will be managed and followed up in this committee. Ministry of ICT is the head and its members are Ministry of Information, Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Central Bank, Standard Organization, Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran, Organization of computer trade center, presidential ICT center and academic research centers.

Iranian - Islamic culture in Cyberspace
For imparting the outlook document, making Persian will be founded and implemented in the Iranian culture by Islamic glance.
Head of the Committee will be from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the members are from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Islamic Propagation Organization, Islamic Culture and Relationship Organization, IRIB, National Youth Organization, presidential Centre for Women and Families, Basij Organization , Qom Seminary management Council , Qom Seminary Islamic propagation Office.

ITS Security
Ministry of ICT presides this committee in data exchange space in order to make trust, stability, security, non-deniability , integrity and ....and Its members are from Ministry of Information, Ministry of Commerce, Central Bank, Supreme National Security Council, NAJA, presidential ICT center.

Welfare – Targeting the subsidies area
Ministry of Welfare and Social Security in targeting the subsidies area is responsible to establish and develop the integrated data banks and national information systems and its members are Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Central Bank, the country's Retirement organization, the Armed Forces Retirement organization, Social Welfare organization, National organization for civil registration, Statistical Center of Iran.

Rights and laws

Since the information technology has affected seriously the nature of social occurrences and public relations of government - citizens so any progress in this field and practical application of information technology, will have its own legal issues.
These issues have been intertwined with professional and technical issues significantly. So it can not be assigned to the traditional custodians in a separated and independent form.
The mentioned committee will have presided the legal aspects of using IT as a supplement to the other committees. President Deputy of legal affairs is the Head of the committee and its members are President Deputy of Legal, PM as the representative of Board of Directors and PM in the commission of legal and judicial affairs.

Strategic Projects' Management
Time, cost, risk and national and abroad projects should be managed centralized in respect of cost, time, quality and risk in macro level because more than one administrative unit is responsible for them.
This committee would be responsible for doing such affairs. Structure of the administrative system has been enjoyed a tiny part of the efficiency towards between - parts projects.
Forming such a committee could repair this fault partly. Head of the Commission is the secretariat of ITS management specialized Commission.

Between organizational processes
Deputy of management development and Human resources is responsible for between organizational processes committee in order to identify, analyze and codify the between parts processes and re-engineer them as well as preparing IS shared with a window.
The committee's members are Ministry of Information, Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Ministry of Interior, PMO, Deeds and Properties Registration Organization of Iran, National organization for civil registration, Organization of computer trade center, Municipality, Iran's Customs Administration, and presidential ICT center.

ITS Industry and Export Development
Ministry of Industries and Mines is also responsible to support the establishment and development of companies and ITS industry in ITS industry and export development Committee .
This committee members include: Planning and Strategic control Department, Iran trade development organization, Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development and Renovation Organization, Organization of computer trade center and ITC of Iran.

Planning and Budget
IT projects particularly in national and abroad size have so problems because there is no responsible unit to supply an annual programs and budgets and these two items take place mainly by non-experts in this area separately.
Budget and Planning Committee chaired by Planning and Strategic Control Department is responsible for these affairs. The members of the committee are Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Armed Forces General Staff (Commander Mojaradi), ITC of Iran and presidential ICT center.

Making Policy for Data Resources (Data accountancy)
In many developed countries, an organization is founded as a resource (along with other resources such as money, manpower, equipment, and ...) to manage "data".
Data is as a valuable resource that a very high cost will be paied for providing and producing that so it must have accountancy like other financial resources and its production, maintenance and usage should be managed.
In the absence of such organization, the Committee shall be undertaken for making the macro policy to identify, analyze and codify the data and it would be an important administrative tasks. The Secretariat of the ITS management specialized commission would be that's Head.

Making Policy for ITS Human Resources
Jobs, businesses and ... are based on manpower in IT areas and the quality of manpower has a more important role than the hardware and technology.
If human resources wouldn't be managed at the national scale, IT sector will be suffered serious damage and retardation because of the speed of technological developments and issues policy and critical issues.
This committee will be responsible for making policy and coordinating the national decisions in this area by supervision of management development and human resource deputy.

Supporting and Developing ITS Senior Managers
Educating, promoting, determining business path, seminars and "human resource management" played an important role in national IT promotion and development. Supporting and Developing Committee of ITS Senior Managers is responsible of this committee by supervision of the secretariat of ITS management specialized Commission.

General Application Systems
Administrative systems area, financial systems area, logistics systems area will be studied in general application systems committee presided by president Deputy of management development and human resources and that's members are the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Organization of computer trade center and ITC of Iran.

XML, data architecture and standardization, Web Service, public portals, and CRM are some technical strategic issues which need national power to resolve them. If they will be solved in the country, all information systems in all organizational units can benefit from its achievements. In addition many problems and inefficiency will be occurred in national dimension because of the lack of integration to solve such technical issues.
The committee is responsible to resolve such problems such as interaction (ebXML XML), Web services standardization. The Ministry of ICT is the Head of the committee.

International Interactions
Identify the best model at the international level, participating in international organizations and associations in ITS area, recognizing the country's benefits and maintain them in international organizations and associations will be studied by deputy of strategic planning and control.

It should be noted that more attention to the country's telecommunications infrastructure development will provides a favorable condition for e-government. On the other hand, since the projects have been defined in their respective ministries and organization so they will be responsible to follow up them to implement.

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