CEO of ITC announced: Codifying the instruction to issue ISMS Certification

CEO of ITC announced: Codifying the instruction to issue ISMS Certification
The instruction to issue Information Security Management System certification (ISMS) will be developed and imparted till the end of the current month.

PR of the Ministry of ICT - Saeed Mahdiun CEO of ITC said:" According to this instruction the certification issuing methods will be determined for the systems created by the executive organizations".
"This instruction will be codified based on 13 some ISMS standards so it will be issued for the applicants if provides the required conditions", he added.
CEO of ITC restated:" These certifications validity will be a two-year system so every public organizations should receive that till the end of 90 solar year".
He expressed this subject that all of the executive organizations that are implicated Article 5 of the Civil Services System have to implement ISMS system based on the cabinet sight and continued :" It must be issued at least once period for the executive organizations during the fifth program".
Saeed Mahdiun continued:" Ministers board knew ITC of Iran as the responsible for studying and auditing the launched systems so management and supervision of the implement quality of ISMS system in the organizations will be the company's task".
"The public companies and executive organizations can use the private and capable sectors to implement this system", he emphasized.
CEO of ITC about the details of executive methods for issuing this system implementation certification said:" A number of senior auditors will be trained throughout the country for this purpose".
"Some of the other private companies active in this area can issue the certificates by ITC delegation after receiving the necessary confirmation from the authorities therefore it will be presented to the senior experts to announce the final decision and then the desired certification will be issued after the necessary auditing", he continued .

Jun 1, 2010 08:19


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